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Luang Namtha, Oudomxay & Muang Khua, Phongsaly Province, Laos
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2 Nights Homestay: Ban Nam Dee & Ban Vieng Neua “Lanten & Tai Youn Villages”
2 Nights Homestay: Ban Vieng Neua & Ban Pieng Ngam “Tai Youn & Tai Deang Villages”
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2 Days Explore Road No.17
2 Day Explore Home of Khmu & Off-Road
3 Days Discover Countryside of Luang Namtha
4 Days Discover Countryside of Luang Namtha
2 Days Explore Road No.17
2 Day Explore Home of Khmu & Off-Road
3 Days Discover Countryside of Luang Namtha
4 Days Discover Countryside of Luang Namtha
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1 Days Cycling Tour through Luang Namtha Valley (ID: BK-LT-01)
Start-Finish: Luang Namtha town
Duration: Full day “35 Km”
Departure: 9:00 AM daily
Difficulty: Easy biking on the flat road and some dirt road and small foot paths
Trip Overview:
Visit the villages of handicrafts Ban Vieng Nuae and Ban Vieng Tai; Ban Nam Ngan the village of Lao Lao; Phoum Pouk and Luang Namtha Stupa; Lantan Ban Nam Dee, Nam Dee Waterfall and participate ecotourism activities; Luang Namtha Landscapes; Vat Luang Kon the olds temple in Luang Namtha; Ethnic villages visit as: Tai Dam, Tai Deng, Tai Lue...
1 day biking in Luang Namtha   Luang Namth biking in Luang Namtha   travel to Luang Namtha
Luang Namtha Sightseeing Tuk Tuk Tour in Luang Namtha 1 day Tuk Tuk tour in Luang Namtha
Sightseeing in Luang Namtha   Luang Namtha Valley   1 day in Tuk Tuk in Luang Namtha
Travel around in Luang Namtha   Luang Namtha Valley   Minivan in Luang Namtha
Itinerary. Approx. full day “35 Km”
Meet at the office and select your bicycle, before visiting the Luang Namtha Museum. Then, continue cycling to Ban Thong Chai Neua, a Tai Dam village, and watch the local women weave and observe the traditional architecture. The trip continues in the direction of Ban Nam Dee, a Lanten village, where you also visit the Nam Dee waterfall. Here you can walk around, take pictures and take a  cool dip in the pool, participate in local games, such as: playing Lanten spinning top, hand rice pounding, cotton ball throwing, archery competition and riding the swing. The picnic lunch will be served here.
After lunch, return to the main road and continue to Ban Bouam Phieng, a Lao Bit ethnic village. Then ride along Road A3 to Ban Mai, a Tai Dam village and continue to visit the old Vat Luang Khone. From here we go to Ban Nam Ngean, to observe distillation of the famous Lao rice whiskey. From the village it is only a short walk up to the top of the That Poum Pouk pagoda to see good view of the Nam Tha river valley. Later continue your trail along the hill slopes on an unpaved road, which passes the Lanten ethnic village of Ban Nam Chang. Spend a few moments savoring your tour before returning to Luang Namtha town, where this one day cycle program finishes [Meals: Lunch].
Rates per person in US$ & Laos Kip (LAK)
Tour ID: BK-LT-01 Rate / person (US$) Rate / person (Kip)  
Group  Tour, Minimum 2 participants 2 Persons 48.00 385,000 Daily
3 Persons 45.00 363,000
4 Persons 41.00 330,000
5 Persons 37.00 297,000
6 Persons 34.00 275,000
7 Persons 33.00 264,000
8 Persons 32.00 253,000
Price Including:
  • Mountain bike “Trek 4300 or 4400”
  • English speaking tour guide.
  • All visits/excursions as mentioned in tour itinerary.
  • Meals as mentioned
  • Water during the trip
  • Tour permit, entrance fees & government tax
Bring a small backpack which should contain following items:
  • Shoes; a good pair of running shoes are perfect
  • Personal prescription drugs, contact lenses, glasses.
  • Sun-cream, hat, sunglasses. Mosquito repellent.
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